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Michael Hewett has lived for over 20 years in Brooklyn NYC & is recently returned from 18 months in Europe & two world tours. Michael has played guitar for over 30 years.

Michael is a graduate of Berklee College of Music (Boston, MA). He has released seven full length albums ranging from progressive metal, Spanish classical & acoustic instrumental. His most recent album, ‘Muses’ was released Spring 2017 & is a collection of nine love songs written & recorded on three continents over two years & was recognized as one of the Best Albums of the Year by Echoes (NPR).

DJ | Electronic Artist

DJ bio

As a DJ, Michael is known by his alter ego ‘Nagual’. He weaves live guitars into ceremonial music from Central, South, North Americas, progressive techno, minimal techno & ambient genres.




music reviews

This guy has it all!

“This is one of the best and most original talents I’ve heard on the guitar in a long time…Track 1 of his second CD {Being in Dreaming} is one of the most brilliant things I’ve heard. The third CD {Ally} is, luckily, the best of the three….This guy has it all… inventive, technical and emotional.”

Will Ackerman, Grammy Award Winner & Founder of Windham Hill
Windham Hill

A composer of quietly epic dimensions.

Michael Hewett is a yoga instructor, but his music draws more on the sound of the American West than on that of the mystical East. Combining electric and acoustic guitars, he creates that wide-open plains feeling you get from Pat Metheny’s music; he’s joined on several tracks by former Metheny Group bassist Mark Egan. Compositions like “Capricorn” are nicely detailed, electric chamber jazz, while “The Ever Widening Circle” accelerates from plaintive acoustic guitar to a delirious free-fall. But Hewett really sets himself apart on more intimate compositions, such as “Nagual,” a haunting adagio on which he plays an acoustic guitar with an e-bow, stringing together a long, mellifluous melody. “Sedona” mixes deft finger-style guitar against a deep mix of cello and electric bass. Hewett loves mixing multiple guitars. On “I Cover the Abyss with a Trance,” dual finger-plucked acoustics create a stereo filigree, while e-bowed acoustics snake through the violin and cello refrains. Being in Dreaming signals the appearance of not only a guitar master, but a composer of quietly epic dimensions.

John Diliberto, ECHOES Radio NPR

Hewett carves a fine new niche

“…the latest CD from NYC guitarist Michael Hewett blends the alternative cool of progressive acoustic jazz with the headphone aura of say a Pink Floyd album. Hewett carves a fine new niche for modern acoustic/electric instrumental guitar performance.”

Robert Silverstone
20th Century Guitar Magazine

Albums we couldn’t live without

“Michael Hewett’s ‘Being In Dreaming’, recalls classics … albums we couldn’t live without in the days of our searchful youth.”

Chuck Horn
WDET-101.9 FM | Detroit, Michigan

It was an automatic add

“After listening to the first three cuts from Being in Dreaming, it was an automatic add….I look forward to listening to the rest of the CD in my car, to see what I’ll program next week….Automatically an NAV Top 10.”



Doug Cole
KOCV-91.3 FM | Odessa, Texas

Ventures beyond typical musical boundaries

“Michael Hewett’s ‘Being in Dreaming’ is a striking and evocative work that ventures beyond typical musical boundaries into wonderful new uncharted territory.  It’s simultaneously both soothing and edgy, and is a perfect fit for my program and audience.”


Ken Field
WMBR | Cambridge, Massachusetts

What more could you ask for

“I found Michael Hewett’s Being in Dreaming rich in sounds, unpredictable in chord progressions, relaxing to listen to…what more could you ask for in New Age Music?”


Sarah Frey
Planet Waves, WKMS | Murray, Kentucky

The rhythmic touch of the guitar.

“Provides you a visual journey thru music with the rhythmic touch of the guitar. Passionate, warm, inviting.”


Marie Michaels,
Music Beyond Words | KJCD 104.3 | Denver, Colorado

Superb production values

“…an extremely compelling CD, with well thought-out compositions, terrific musicianship, and superb production values.  It’s good to see someone taking the torch and running with it.”


Nick Francis
Quiet Music | Atlanta, Georgia

Hewett has made a beautiful record

“[Hewett] creates gorgeous moods … plenty of depth and substance to engage the mind and spirit … Hewett has made a beautiful record.”


Chris Nickson
All Music Guide